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Egypt: Resident Senior Director

Job Description
The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) is seeking a Resident Senior Director with strong management skills and legislative development and/or political party experience to oversee the implementation of its democracy support program in Egypt. The Resident Senior Director will be based in Cairo but will be required to travel throughout the country. NDI is seeking applications for this position immediately. This is currently a non-dependent post and the position is contingent upon funder approval.
 The Senior Director will be responsible for overall office management, including financial and human resource
management, as well as supervisory responsibility for the design, implementation and evaluation of all NDI-Egypt programs. The Senior Director will provide leadership and oversight to a team of talented and experienced national staff.  S/he will be NDI’s principal liaison with the donor community, representatives from the Egyptian government, local political and civil society organizations, the US Embassy and State Department. Close coordination will also be expected with NDI-Washington, including day-to-day communication with the Washington-based staff.
Required Skills
  • Establish and maintain strong working relations with the donor and diplomatic communities, international organizations, and in-country partners, including political and elected officials and local civic organizations.
  • Manage frequent external and internal communication to produce high-quality program reports and effectively coordinate program activities.
  • Manage the successful implementation of NDI program activities, including evaluation and reporting.
  • Oversee the proper accounting, management, and planning of budget funds in coordination with local accountant and NDI/Washington.
  • Manage expatriate and local employees, including hiring, performance reviews, staff development, program implementation, and adherence to human resource policies.
  • Coordinate, with NDI/Washington, timetables and staff assignments for developing proposals, budgets, work plans, and reports and ensure documents reflect NDI priorities, strategy, needs and objectives.
  • Coordinate regular informal and formal communication with NDI/Washington on program and political developments, including monthly program and financial reports.
  • Provide, as needed, skills-building training and informal consultations for political, elected and civic leaders.
  • Serve as the principal liaison between NDI and international donor representatives in country, Egyptian officials, legislators and staff, political party leaders, local non-governmental organizations, the media and U.S. Government representatives.
  • Assist NDI in obtaining funding from the U.S. government and other donors for new programs in Egypt.
Required Experience
  • At least twenty (20) years of experience in political party building programs and/or several of the following areas: strategic planning, electoral processes, elected institutions, public opinion research, and civil society organizing.
  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in international development, political science or management; graduate degree preferred
  • Substantive professional political experience, including working for a legislature, executive branch or political parties
  • Senior-level program management experience, including office operations and the management of fiscal and human resources
  • Proven ability to manage multi-million dollar budgets, and to effectively lead, manage and mentor local staff
  • Experience implementing, monitoring and evaluating large, U.S. government-funded international development programs strongly preferred
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate skills and experiences to others as a trainer or advisor
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct and apply sophisticated political analysis to programmatic activities
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with senior political and civic leaders, as well as members of the donor and diplomatic community
  • Excellent managerial, interpersonal and networking skills, as well as the ability to establish and maintain professional political relationships
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English
  • Arabic language skills desirable
  • Experience working and living overseas, preferably in the developing world, and an ability to work in a challenging environment
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows environment, email technology and spreadsheets
  • Ability and willingness to travel to regional locations which may be remote and difficult to reach
Job Location
Cairo, DC, US.
Egypt: Resident Senior Director

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