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Employment Opportunities at Smeru

SMERU is presently seeking to strengthen its capacity by recruiting suitably qualified applicants for the following positions:
  • Researcher
  • Program Administration Assistant
  • English and Indonesian Editor/Translator
Required qualifications:
  • At least a master's degree (S2) in Economics or Social Sciences
  • At least two years experience in socioeconomic research
  • Familiarity in quantitative and/or qualitative methods and tools for socioeconomic research
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
The successful candidate will be expected to (among other tasks):
  1. Assist in developing research designs
  2. Collect primary data and being involved in fieldwork as required
  3. Formulate and carry out data and information analysis
  4. Interpret the results of analysis
  5. Draft research reports based on data analysis results and interpretation
  6. Assume responsibility for the research results
  7. Present research results both within SMERU and to external forums
  8. Organize and manage data owned by SMERU
  9. Attend seminars, workshops, meetings, and training courses as directed

Program Administration Assistant
Required qualifications:
  • A sound tertiary education, preferably within the social sciences or communication.
  • Excellent oral and written presentation skills in both Indonesian and English. English proficiency must be near native speaker standard.
  • Experience in the preparation and drafting of an organization’s internal and external reports.
  • A sound level of computer literacy, including advance mastery of: Microsoft office Programs: Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point.
  • Personal qualities:
    • Capable of working independently but also able to report to and consult with the Institute’s senior staff when required;
    • A good organizer and a person who pays scrupulous attention to detail, and is capable of meeting tight deadlines and working under pressure when necessary;
    • A good team player and able to work in an international environment; and
    • Good interpersonal skills.
Expected responsibilities (among other tasks):
The assistant will report directly to the Institute’s coordinator of Finance and Program Administration but should consult and work closely with the External Affairs/Donor Liaison officer as well as the director and deputy director to perform the following duties:
  1. Preparing and drafting all administrative reports (in English) of the Institute’s activities according to an agreed timetable. This will involve collecting all relevant information and supporting data required from all staff; collating all supporting data, documents, and records required for inclusion in these reports; ensuring the appropriateness, accuracy, and coherence of all content; preparing report formats in accordance with the specific requirements of each donor agency or the Institute’s standard format; and ensuring that these documents appear on time and are distributed to all relevant parties as required.
  2. Supporting the administration of the Institute’s programs. Together with the coordinator, the assistant will work on various program proposals, project documents, as well as reporting requested by donor agencies. The assistant should also be the focal person for arranging the Institute’s biannual Project Consultation Committee meetings, which involves inviting officers from donor agencies and relevant stakeholders, providing activity reports, preparing minutes of meeting, and conducting other related activities.
  3. Supporting the development of the Institute’s knowledge-based management. This includes: revising, improving, and managing data and information regarding the Institute’s activities, projects, and contacts.
  4. Supporting the Institute’s promotional activities and assisting the management in initiating and maintaining regular close relations with those officers who are directly responsible for the Institute as well as ensuring that they are kept informed of major research activities (planned, current, and completed); reporting to donors on all efforts being made to inform government officials and policymakers about important research findings; and ensuring that the relevant officers from donor agencies receive copies of all publications, including research reports, working papers, and newsletters, as well as invitations to all the Institute’s workshops and seminars.
  5. Supporting all of the Institute’s outreach activities and other tasks as required by the director, deputy director, and the coordinator.

English and Indonesian Editor/Translator
Required qualifications:
  • S1 degree or equivalent
  • At least three years’ experience translating Indonesian documents into English and editing English documents, preferably academic publications
  • At least three years’ experience translating English documents into Indonesian and editing Indonesian documents, preferably academic publications
  • Excellent English and Indonesian writing skills
  • Able to build the capacity of SMERU researchers and staff in Indonesian and English writing and editing
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Appropriate word processing computer skills
  • Able to multitask and work under pressure
  • A background in social sciences
  • Experience in social research
The English and Indonesian editor/translator will play a major role in working to ensure the overall quality of the Institute’s publications and website and in particular ensure the accuracy of all Indonesian/English materials and address issues related to style and substance.
Major tasks and responsibilities include:
  • Making accurate Indonesian or English translations of newsletters, special reports, research reports, field reports, working papers, policy briefs, presentations, and other publications to ensure their quality and timely production.
  • Editing Indonesian/English versions of the Institute’s publications, including newsletters, special reports, research reports, field reports, working papers, policy briefs, presentations, and other publications to ensure their quality and timely production.
  • Coordinating with SMERU researchers and other SMERU staff during the preparation of draft translations or edited materials to address questions related to meaning as well as provide input concerning content. This will involve working directly with research staff who are the authors of specific documents.
  • Proofreading and correcting all Indonesian/English materials with regard to style, spelling, and syntax.
  • Providing input on house style and design of publications.
  • Increasing the writing capacity of researchers and staff through training and other internal sessions.
  • Carrying out any other tasks as directed by the director or his deputy. This may include helping to edit key documents for the Institute.
The English and Indonesian editor/translator will work under the supervision of and report to the Institute’s Publications and Information coordinator.
We offer attractive remuneration and excellent working conditions.
Qualified and interested applicants should send an application package containing a cover letter addressing the qualifications stated above, a recent photograph, detailed resume (CV), academic transcript(s) or list of grades, and the names and contact details of three people who can provide references.
Applications should be sent by email and have the intended position title in the subject of the email with the supporting documents merged in one PDF document as an attachment of no more than 1 MB. Applications should be sent to jobapplication@smeru.or.id no later than 30 April 2011.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Outside the process outlined above, no communication by any means regarding this recruitment will be received. 

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