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National Commission on Violence Against Women (KOMNAS Perempuan)

Komnas Perempuan is an independent National Commission that promotes women’s human rights by working to create an environment conducive to the elimination of all forms of violence against women in Indonesia. Komnas Perempuan was established in response to a human tragedy: the so-called "May Tragedy" that occurred in mid-may 1998.
 In the face of significant gaps and inability of other government human rights institutions, Komnas Perempuan endeavors to increase public understanding through publications and strategic dialogues, create a conducive environment for the elimination of all forms of violence against women by advocating legal and policy reform and to strengthen capacities for the prevention of violence against women and for dealing with its consequences.

Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Violence Against Women) aims to strengthen services for women survivors of violence. Activities include: publication of a book on standards for quality care of women survivors; a needs assessment and action planning workshop with district-level institutions providing services for survivors; and a national dialogue inviting government and civil society to commit themselves to ending violence against women. The Commission is also facilitating the growth, networking, and capacity building of women’s groups who provide services in counseling, legal services, and policy advocacy.

Komnas Perempuan is currently focusing on the issues of women victims of domestic violence; women servants working in Indonesian households, or overseas as migrant workers; women victims of sexual assaults whose cases are being processed in courts; women living in conflict areas; women who fulfil head-of-household roles; and village dwelling women living in poverty.
National Commission on Violence Against Women(KOMNAS Perempuan)
Jl. Latuharhari 4B
Jakarta 10310
Tel: 021 390 3963
Fax: 021 390 3922
E-mail: mail@komnasperempuan.or.id

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