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Program Manager, Agriculture and Livestock-Poipet, Cambodia

Poipet, Cambodia - The Program Manager, Agriculture and Livestock (PM) oversees all programming relating to agriculture and livestock and is responsible for writing program documents, including project proposals, reports, and management of field staff, in addition to growing potential new projects in agriculture and livestock. The PM is responsible for management of the current Seeds of Hope agriculture and livestock project which is working in three different provinces. The PM will work alongside national staff and managers, partners and Churches to strengthen and expand programming in the areas of agriculture and livestock. The PM is based in Phnom Penh, with frequent travel required to provinces.

• Leads the national staff to achieve the individual objectives of the agriculture and livestock project

• Participates in assessments and actively contributes to plans for project expansion in existing and or new locations, based on needs
• Develop relationships, participate in sector meetings, write proposals and expand the base of current programming
• Responsible for the management of the financial budgets for each project, reporting and staff management of national staff within the projects
• Assist with the field-level execution of the program against all set objectives and within the agreed budgets; working alongside national staff and managers to provide leadership and direction
• Work in conjunction with the Country Director, Director of Programs, and relevant program and financial staff to draw up plans, proposals, and budgets for new projects/extension
• Work with local donor representatives, government authorities and all relevant stakeholders on the program documentation process, ensuring that plans and proposals address critical needs and meet donor criteria for provision of funding
• Be responsible for the establishment of reporting procedures and formats, and the preparation of reports for management and donors
• Provide overall supervision and support for national staff and managers to ensure personal and professional development of staff through regular performance reviews and ongoing mentoring
• Look for opportunities to incorporate the local church into the agriculture and livestock project and seek opportunities to partner with churches and local partners
• Grow and develop the relationship between Samaritan’s Purse (SP) and partner churches to ensure projects maintain their ministry focus and effectiveness
• Ensure monitoring systems are in place and that project reviews are carried out periodically in conjunction with the project management and team
• Ensure familiarity with donor compliance issues, ensuring all projects are compliant with these and SP procedures
• Attend relevant sector meetings with the purpose of networking and gaining crucial information on the work of other agencies
• Comply with all safety policies, practices and procedures
• Prepare and submit monthly narrative, financial, donor, and project status reports in a timely and accurate manner
• Introduce and implement appropriate improved agricultural technologies to enhance food security of the community


• Four plus years of agriculture and livestock management related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of experience and training

• Ability to travel to field sites to monitor projects
• Excellent planning and organizational skills
• Works well in a diverse team and a pressured environment
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Cheerful, diplomatic, encourager, concern for the spiritual well-being of the team
• Spiritual maturity; Ability to keep the focus of work on the overall goal of sharing the gospel
• Ability to communicate and interact well with people of different ethnic, linguistic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
• Proven management and leadership experience
• Clear understanding of the workings of major donors and their perspectives, requirements and standards
• Experience in project management including proposal writing, program development, implementation, and monitoring/evaluating methodologies
• Ability to speak Khmer or the willingness to learn
• Experience living and working in Asian cultures desired
• Strong relational skills and financial management experience preferred.

Length of contract: 24 months

Target date to the field: May 2011
Open until filled

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