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Legislative Gap Analysis Consultancy - Privacy Laws and E-Governance, Good Governance Program, Georgia

Project/Proposal Summary:
The USAID Good Governance in Georgia Program (G3) works with national and local governmental agencies to improve services, efficiency and instill good governance practices. The project is targeted at improving public administration at the federal level by advancing public sector reform in relevant governmental institutions to make the management of public affairs more transparent, accountable, responsive and effective. In order to assist the government with the further development of the legislative framework and accompanying regulations for e-governance, the G3 project will provide legislative analysis of Georgia’s private protection laws and research into comparative models to ensure that citizen rights are not compromised.

Position Summary:
The technical assistance provided will analyze legislation, identify gaps and develop recommendations that will allow the G3 Program to meet its commitments and is of high priority for the project as a whole. The subcontractor will work for a maximum total of 15 working days, including 10 working days in the country and 5 online working days, from September – December 2011.

• Research and provide a detailed description of the relevant laws, legislation and regulations on privacy protection that are currently in existence or in development in Georgia;
• Research and provide a detailed comparative analysis of comparable models of privacy protection laws, particularly within the European Union, and provide recommendations on how to bring Georgia’s existing legislation into compliance with international and EU standards;
• Based upon the comparative model research, provide recommendations on how to make e-governance popularly accessible in Georgia;
• Provide support and guidance to a selected local NGO in the development and implementation of a public information campaign that will inform citizens of the basic rights and utility of e-governance;
• Prepare a final report that will be delivered to the G3 program and other stakeholders, as may be appropriate (governmental partners, CSOs, donors, technical assistance implementers, etc.), identifying any legislative gaps, making preliminary findings on comparative models for e-governance legislation, and making proposed recommendations on any legislative changes that may be necessary to bring Georgian legislation into compliance with international and EU standards.

• Demonstrated expertise in international standards for privacy laws and e-governance regulations, particularly within the European Union;
• Prior experience with USAID and/or other donor-funded technical assistance projects;
• Advanced degree in law strongly preferred, especially with a focus on comparative law and regulations of the European Union;
• Experience working with drafting legislation and the legislative process desired;
• Fluency in English required, including excellent English writing skills.

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