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Job: Money Politics Specialist, Indonesia

Project Summary:
This USAID-funded project – Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program-1 (SIAP-1) -- promotes capacity-building in Indonesia’s principal anticorruption institutions, the KPK and BPK. The project also seeks to open dialogue about reforms to Indonesia’s political party and election finance laws. The project also works with NGOs, business groups, and mass media organizations at both the national and local level to strengthen external monitoring of government agencies. This is a 5-year project.

Position Summary:
The Money Politics Specialist needs to understand current laws and regulations related to political party financing, and must have an understanding of international best practices in this field. He/she would be in charge of writing policy papers on different reform options; conducting focus groups with key stakeholders in and out of government to identify realistic options to adjust Indonesian practices; supporting stakeholders in advocating for change; and supporting NGO watchdogs to monitor reforms. The Specialist would be responsible for working with and coordinating civil society groups and grantees to build their capacity on reform and government accountability. He/she would also serve as the project’s advisor on political parties in Indonesia.
• Work with political parties, government officials, NGOs, and businesses to initiate a new dialogue on political party finance reform options;
• Apply best practices from international experience to the Indonesian situation;
• Write policy papers on various reform options to catalyze dialogue by stakeholders;
• Work closely with NGOs on developing monitoring and watchdog activities of political party financing at the national and local levels.


• At least five (5) years of technical experience working with political parties, civil society groups, and analyzing political party finance issues;
• Master’s degree or equivalent;
• Experience working on large-scale international development programs in an analytical position preferred;
**This is a local position; only Indonesian nationals will be considered.
Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

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