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Local Evaluator Consultancy, Honduras

Project/Proposal Summary:
The current assignment for which the Consultant is being hired consists of a before (i.e., pre-project) evaluation of an IFC-sponsored advisory services project with a Honduran financial institution. A Lead Evaluator will be primarily responsible for conducting the evaluation and will travel to Honduras for one week in April 2011. The Consultant is expected to work closely with and support the Lead Evaluator.
**Please note: This is position is for a Honduran national; only Honduran citizens will be considered.
• Undertake surveys of the local financial institution’s customers following the survey form provided and per instructions from the Lead Evaluator;
• Establish meetings and arrange other logistics for the Lead Evaluator’s trip to Honduras, as requested;
• Undertake interviews with additional key informants, as requested by the Lead Evaluator and following the interview guide(s) provided;
• Transfer all the data collected through surveys and interviews into electronic format and send the data to the Lead Evaluator and MSI’s Technical Director;
• Any additional tasks requested by the Lead Evaluator or MSI’s Technical Director.
• Completed interview forms and survey questionnaires for the assigned meetings: 1 week after surveys and interviews have been completed;
• Files in electronic format of any additional data collected: 1 week after surveys and interviews have been completed.
• Strong experience conducting surveys and recording and compiling results;
• Ability to plan schedules of meetings and interviews and organize logistics in Honduras;
• Fluency in Spanish essential;
• At least a BA in Finance, Sociology, Anthropology, or another development-related field;
• Knowledge of the financial sector a plus.
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