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Location : Bratislava, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Application Deadline :21-Apr-11
Additional CategoryManagement
Type of Contract :FTA International
Post Level :P-5
Languages Required :English  
Starting Date :
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)
Duration of Initial Contract :1 year
Expected Duration of Assignment :4 years


The Regional UNDG Team is responsible for providing strategic leadership, guidance and support to the Resident Coordinators (RCs) and to the UN Country Teams (UNCTs) in its respective region, on the implementation of UNDG’s strategic priorities and in meeting their responsibilities under the Management and Accountability (M & A) system. Each Regional UNDG Team is led by a Chair and is supported by a Secretariat located in a regional office.
In November 2009, the UNDG approved the Implementation Plan for 2010 UNDAF roll-outs. Part of this plan included the provision by the United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) of additional professional capacity for strengthening the support of Regional UNDG Teams to the Resident Coordinators (RCs) and UNCTs.
Reporting to the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team through or in consultation with the head of the regional office in which the Regional UNDG  Adviser is located for general and region-specific direction and guidance, the Regional UNDG Adviser provides advice and support to the RCs and the UNCTs on coordination, UN Reform issues and interpretation of UNDG policies, guidance and tools, and to the Chair in providing strategic leadership to the RCs and UNCTs on UNDG global and region-specific strategic priorities and related matters.
The Regional UNDG Adviser coordinates the Secretariat of the Regional UNDG Team, and serves as the principal focal point for regular contact and communication with the Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO), in particular, the DOCO/Field Support Team (FST) Regional Liaison at HQ for advice and support

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of key functions:

Technical advice and support to RCs and UNCTs:

  • In collaboration with DOCO and in consultation with the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team and the Head of the regional office where the Advisor is located, provide advice, support and timely feedback to RCs/UNCTs to drive UNDG strategic priorities and region-specific strategic priorities, as well as  for meeting Management and Accountability system responsibilities; as directed by the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team and in consultation with the Regional UNDG Team, communicate and emphasize UNDG strategic priorities with RCs/UNCTs; ensure follow-up and reporting to UNDG HQ on support and oversight provided by the Regional UNDG Team to RCs/UNCTs.
  • In coordination with the Regional UNDG Team and in close cooperation with the Peer Support Group (PSG) chair, provide substantive input to promote the engagement in upstream policy and programme dialogue (especially in MICs and NCCs) and ensure UNCT discipline in priority setting to ensure alignment between national priorities and UN comparative advantage.
  • Provide advice and support to RCs/UNCTs in the application and interpretation of UN Reform and UNDG policies, guidelines and tools to country-specific situations, identifying relevant guidance, resource persons and tools, as necessary, in consultation with DOCO.
  • Advise and support the planning, development and implementation of UNDAF, including M&E and reporting of UNDAFs and Integrated Strategic Frameworks (ISFs), upon request, by UNCTs and in full consultation and coordination with the region-specific mechanisms established by the Regional UNDG Team for these purposes, particularly the region-specific PSG.
  • Identify, analyze and prioritize capacity needs for UNCT coordination support; channel appropriate requests for UNCT support to DOCO; keeping the Regional UNDG Team fully informed collaborate with DOCO to address UNCT coordination issues.
  • Promote early assessment of the capacity of UNCTs to engage in common country programme processes and delivery of programming results.
  • Provide recommendations to the Regional UNDG Chair on prioritization of requests from UNCTs for allocations of SRC and CCF funds; and upon review by Regional UNDG Chair forwards recommendations to DOCO.
  • Provide substantive input from the region into inter-agency training and workshops for UNCTs on country programming.
  • Identify regional resources and experts to provide direct technical assistance to UNCTs; facilitate deployment to the UNCTs in consultation with DOCO the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) and the PSG, to ensure synchronization of such support. Involve the Regional UNDG Team in the support to RCs and UNCTs on the strategic visioning through regional meetings, video/teleconference and missions.
Advice and support to the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team:
  • In consultation with the established Regional UNDG subsidiary mechanisms (e.g. PSG), provide advice and support to the Chair of Regional UNDG Team, in providing strategic leadership and guidance to the UNCTs and RCs.
  • Identify, in consultation with the established UNDG subsidiary mechanisms in the region (e.g. PSG), high-impact opportunities and issues to engage senior UNDG leaders in regional and country-specific issues, for consideration of the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team; advise DOCO, as appropriate, for follow-up and engagement of senior UNDG leaders.
  • Advise and support the Regional UNDG Team and other regional inter-agency mechanisms in assessing the quality of UN reform efforts, and effective application of relevant tools across countries to advance the UN reform agenda.
  • Based on UNCT requirements contribute to identifying national development priorities and issues that may call for a coordinated regional response, or a difficult country situation that may require intervention, and in consultation with the established Regional UNDG subsidiary mechanisms, advise the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team accordingly.
  • Coordinate between the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team and DOCO in providing response to crisis/post-crisis and transition country issues.
  • Provide advice to inter-agency initiatives related to RC and UNCT performance assessment; review reports prepared by Regional UNDG Team on RC and UNCT performance; make recommendations to the Chair, Regional UNDG Team.
  • Advise the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team, regarding results of monitoring and assessment of RCs/UNCTs on achieving UNDG strategic priorities and M & A system objectives.
  • Coordinate and work closely with Regional Coordination Specialist concerning all support to the Chair and the Regional UNDG Team, and interactions with DOCO, to avoid overlap and ensure smooth collaboration.
Knowledge management:
  • In consultation with UNCTs, PSG and Regional UNDG Chair, identify technical issues to be brought to the attention of the UNDG and DOCO to inform policy review and discussion at Headquarters; monitor UNCTs responses to UN reform assessments; ensure UNCTs are aware of good practices and lessons learned in the region and globally.
  • Advice and Support the Regional UNDG Team in identifying case studies, regional agency expert rosters, and other necessary elements to promote more synergy in agency programming.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in regional and country coordination including through participation in thematic cluster meetings, workshops and training events.
  • Liaise with DOCO and UNSSC to coordinate regional training of UNCT/RCs, stakeholders, and regional support staff related to UN programming.

Team management:

  • Coordinate the Regional UNDG Secretariat team in the regional office to provide support to the Regional UNDG Team and the RCs/UNCTs; and lead the development of the regional UNDG work plan, budget and annual report; and monitor and report on implementation report on results, in consultation with the Chair of the Regional UNDG Team or his/her designated representative in the region.
  • Advise on capacity needs of Regional UNDG Team and Secretariat in relation to providing greater support to the RCs and UNCTs in the region.
  • Clarify and adjust roles and responsibilities with DOCO and the Regional UNDG Team on an on-going basis, based on the evolving capacities of the Regional UNDG Teams and the two-year transition plan for the transfer of support functions from DOCO to the Regional UNDG Secretariat.
  • As appropriate, participate in regional thematic cluster meetings.
Impact of Results:
Success in the role of Regional UNDG Adviser means a stronger regional capacity to advance the achievement by the RCs and UNCTs of the UNDG’s strategic priorities and develop high quality UN programmes.  It will enhance the role and image of the UNDG and, more broadly, the UN as the preferred provider of coordinated and coherent delivery of development support through its RCs and UNCTs to national governments and partners.


Core competencies:
  • Demonstrates and promotes the highest standards of integrity, impartiality, fairness and incorruptibility in all matters affecting his/her work, acting as a role model for all staff.
  • Advocates and promotes the vision, mission and strategic goals of the UN.
  • Ensures an organizational environment that respects diversity, gender equality and cultural sensitivity, and fosters openness to diverse perspectives.
  • Builds, motivates and promotes an effective team(s); supports and promotes inter-agency cooperation and recognizes participation of staff in cross-functional and inter-agency teams.
  • Communicates strategic direction to team(s) and external stakeholders effectively; creates an environment of open communication, and encourages others to be diplomatic and use tact.
  • Makes difficult and sensitive decisions clearly and appropriately, ensuring criteria and reasons for important decisions are communicated and explained to those affected.
  • Creates, promotes, and supports an enabling environment for knowledge-sharing and learning in the organization.
  • Captures personal, as well as team learning, and makes knowledge accessible to others.
  • Acts as role model for positive handling of situations of potential conflict within and outside the organization.
Functional competencies:
  • Good understanding of UNDG strategic priorities.
  • Knowledge of, and experience in, the application of UNDAF,  Common Country Assessment (CCA),  as well as common country programming guidance and tools from field-based perspective.
  • Strong familiarity with updated guidance and tools and capacity to communicate and impart their application and use.
  • Knowledge of the UN common system and the UN reform agenda, including, the role of the UNDG and key stakeholders at the respective regional and country levels.
  • Capacity to develop networks of expertise.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify needs and develop strategies for capacity-building, especially at field-based level.
  • Proven ability to advise and develop strategic and operational solutions with clients; anticipates constraints in the delivery of services and identifies solutions.
  • Ability to speak and write clearly and convincingly, adapting style and content to different audiences.
  • Ability to consolidate and synthesize substantive comments from multiple sources in a balanced and concise manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to empathize with the various organizational mandates and cultures of the UN system.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Master’s degree in development, economics, international affairs, political science and/or a related social science field.
  • Minimum 10 years professional experience in programme/project management or coordination.
Language Requirements: 
  • Fluency in English; knowledge of other languages in the region a plus.

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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