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Job in IRD: Assessor / Estimator, Gulfport, MS

Job Title: Assessor / Estimator, Gulfport, MS
Position Description
Assessor / Estimator assesses homes eligible for a rebuild or rehabilitation for damages done to the property and creates the cost analysis to complete the construction job. Additionally, Assessor / Estimator serves the broader needs of Construction team in areas of tracking of MDA budget for materials, material procurement, and volunteer coordinator.

Essential Job Functions:

Determines the extent of damage to home and determines based on scope of work whether a home is destroyed or can be rebuilt;

Works with vendors, subcontractors, and volunteers to create a price list to complete repairs;

Ensures the property is prepared for repairs - including demolitions, permitting, surveys, elevation needs and other construction aspects to complete the job;

Develops detailed construction plans and schedules;

Coordinates and monitors the progress and quality of work as assigned and reports on the progress of weekly work assignments and priorities.

Monitors job site budget costs and ensures expenditures, progress and timeliness are in alignment with grant;

Reviews individual construction case files regularly to ensure program compliance;

Oversees and manages necessary construction databases needed to provide statistics and reporting for current and future funding;

Ensures work-site safety, learning of safety procedures, and proper construction techniques as outlined in the Job Safety Manual and the Quality Control Manual;

Identifies private contractors or developers for collaborative partnerships with IRD;

Establishes and maintains on-going relationships with community agencies and faith-based organizations to ensure necessary cooperation and coordination in achievement of common goals, and represents and interprets the mission and work of the agency and its program to the community;

Ensures that all material needs are secured and delivered to the job site;

Serves as the liaison between Construction Team and the volunteer organization regarding site work;

Coordinates volunteer needs; and

Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills & Experience

3+ years experience with construction record keeping, working with vendors and vendor negotiation, working with construction volunteers and providing onsite direction.

Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Success Factors:

Demonstrated ability to provide leadership and communicate effectively with team members of varied work styles.

A demonstrated ability to multi-task, meet deadlines and process information in support of changing program activities.

Ability to work well as part of a team, and as an individual.

Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen and respect for colleagues.

Travel Requirements:

Physical Requirements:

Normal Office Conditions.

Preferred Skills & Experience

5+ years experience with construction record keeping, working with vendors and vendor negotiation, working with construction volunteers and providing onsite direction.

Positive relationships with local trade unions.

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