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HR Director, Dublin

Job reference:HR-Director
Salary:€76,370 - €94,339
Job specification
Job purpose
To align HR policies, strategies and procedures with current and future organisational needs. To lead the human resources team in the development and execution of HR strategies and practices that provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a talented and committed workforce.
Job background
Concern Worldwide has just completed a strategic plan that provides direction to the organisation for the next five years. The organisation is critically dependant on its staff to deliver all aspects of that plan and thus hiring, developing and retaining the right staff is a key organisational concern.
The Human Resources Director position plays a pivotal role in this regard. She/he will be responsible for initiating and driving a broad range of HR programs and initiatives in support of the organisation's overall objectives.
The role is both hands-on and strategic, providing HR expertise in the key areas of employee relations, compensation and benefits, payroll administration, employee policies and programmes, workforce planning, staffing, career development and performance management.
Working closely with the executive management team and employees at all levels of the organization, this position will proactively assess needs and implement HR solutions in a changing environment. The position is also responsible for ensuring compliance with HR related internal policies and best practices, as well as external laws and regulations.
The Human Resources Director is a key leadership position and member of the Senior Management Team.
Duties and responsibilities
Management and policy
• Proactively work with the Senior Management Team to develop appropriate people-related policies to support organisational objectives and change initiatives
• Develop strategic and annual HR plans that clearly identify and prioritise our needs for investment in HR with a focus on significantly upgrading the overall capacity of the organisation
• Provide effective leadership to the HR team and coordinate them in the development and implementation of all HR policies and procedures, both global and local
• Work with other members of the Senior Management Team in a constructive and collegial way so as to provide overall leadership and direction to the organisation
Recruitment, reward and retention
• Facilitate and support the efficient recruitment of high calibre staff to help achieve the targets in each area, within budgeted staffing plans
• Identify, make recommendations and resolve any compensation and benefits issues with line managers, eg in recruitment, promotions/re-grades, in accordance with the appropriate policies
• Develop and promote remuneration policies that are appropriate for the organisation and that support the recruitment and retention of skilled staff
• Direct a process of organizational development that addresses issues such as succession planning, workforce development, key employee retention, workflow efficiency and change management
Employee relations
• Provide specific advice and guidance and counsel/coach managers and employees on all HR issues to ensure fair and consistent treatment across the organization and to ensure departments are equipped to deal with changing business requirements.
• Promote policies and actions designed to make the organisation an empowering, safe, secure and high quality workplace
• Gain consensus on the implementation of specific HR policies as required by changing legislation or new business issues to enable the organisation to proactively respond to changes while setting appropriate organisational standards
• Promote a diverse workforce that values each employee and that is under-pinned and supported by the principles of equality, respect and transparency
Talent development and performance management
• Ensure that the organisation has appropriate tools and procedures to manage staff performance and to ensure that performance improvements are facilitated and supported
• Consult and partner with managers on succession planning and talent recognition and development
• Develop needs forecasts (future requirements for managerial and leadership positions)
• Develop and execute a Training and Development Plan to ensure that staff are equipped to deal with emerging challenges
• Organise coaching/mentoring/other support to staff particularly those that are new to the organisation or that are in difficult operating environments
Person specification
• Deep understanding of the work and internal workings of a large international NGO working on humanitarian and development issues
• Minimum of 5 years of progressive experience at senior management level
• Ability to manage high-level relationships at organisational level
• Excellent facilitation and interpersonal skills
• Good problem solving skills with the ability to envision and deliver innovative solutions.
• Proven communication skills, both written and verbal
• Proven high quality analytical skills
• Understanding of change management in development organisations
• A commitment to the vision, mission and values of Concern Worldwide including a strong commitment to humanitarian principles and practice
• A post-graduate qualification in a relevant field or commensurate experience in carrying out this kind of work in practice
• Previous experience in working in an international NGO

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