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General Manager-The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct

Position: General Manager
Organisation: The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (TheCode.org)
Reports to: The Code Board of Directors
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Supervision: Administrative Assistant (Bangkok); Code Regional Coordinators in Europe and the Americas.

In response to the phenomenon of child sex tourism, the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (the Code, www.thecode.org ) was initiated by the global child rights network ECPAT in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Scandinavian tour operators. It was first introduced in 1997 by ECPAT Sweden as an ECPAT project, and over the last decade has grown into a global initiative. In 2004, "TheCode.org" established itself as an independent organization in Sweden, registered with number 802418-2167/2004-05-05, and now functions as an international coordinating body for the signatories of the Code of Conduct. This organization, operated via the Secretariat (1 staff), was originally based at UNWTO in Madrid and subsequently moved to ECPAT USA in New York in 2004. Over the last 10 years, more than 1000 travel companies from 42 countries have signed The Code, making it one of the best examples of a voluntary sustainability standard on the protection of children's rights, with a Board of Directors now led by the tourism industry.

The unquestioned success of The Code over recent years has resulted in the urgent need for a new and expanded international structure, in order to attract the financial resources necessary to coordinate its activities and guarantee the quality of their implementation, and for a more active representation of The Code at international, regional and national levels. The Code's Board of Directors has recently approved plans for the expansion of the Code's organizational structure, including the establishment of a new headquarters based in Bangkok, Thailand followed by the creation of Regional Offices in the Americas (New York) and Europe (Berlin). This structural expansion, accompanied by the institutionalization of a new legal entity to be registered as a non-profit in Thailand, will insure the long-term sustainability of The Code, improved regional coverage and coordination, improved monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the impacts of The Code, and provision of expanded services to The Code's industry members and Local Code Representatives worldwide.

Job Purpose
To lead and coordinate The Code organization globally and to manage the Bangkok headquarters as the central office of The Code, consolidating all information from the regional offices and holding responsibility for the overall operations, management and financial
sustainability of the Code organization internationally.

Key Responsibilities

Governance Issues
* Prepare and establish the legal and administrative registration of The Code as an international non-governmental organization in Thailand;
* Implement decisions from the Board of Directors regarding strategies and operational priorities;
* Facilitate and support for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other executive proceedings for the Board of Directors (organization of meetings, teleconferences, reports, information flow etc.);
* Prepare and oversee the implementation of strategic and business plans as approved by The Code Board;
* Propose governance and policy standards as appropriate to improve the standards and quality control of The Code mechanism
Code visibility, profile and branding
* Represent The Code at the global level (UNWTO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, UN, etc.) and develop strategic relationships to support the achievement of annual and longterm goals and objectives;
* Represent The Code publicly via written and verbal communications on issues related to sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism and on the mandate of The Code;
* Develop and implement strategies to raise the visibility of The Code, demonstrating its mission and added benefit in child protection and sustainable tourism;
* Produce and disseminate appropriate informational materials to market The Code and mobilize stakeholders. This includes management of the website www.thecode.org ;
* Publish the Code Quarterly Newsletter and Annual Reports as necessary, with assistance from Code staff in Regional Offices;
Headquarters management and Code program development
* Coordinate and manage The Code organization (fundraising, management of human resources, promotion and marketing, etc.);
* Coordinate fundraising activities with institutional and private donors on an ongoing basis to secure financial sustainability of The Code international organization;
* Prepare annual work plans and budgets for review and approval by The Code Board of Directors and present regular updates on implementation thereof; and
* Oversee and assure the fiscal soundness and stability of The Code organization and ensure effective and accountable financial management of all grants and funds;
* Report to donors and undertake other administrative and financial reporting as necessary;
* Oversee the centralization of information from the three operational levels: international, regional and national, with assistance from The Code staff in Regional Offices;
* Ensure efficient knowledge and expertise management including establishment of an electronic global database of signatories and LCRs, as well as other databases of good practices, etc.;
* Manage Regional Code Coordinators and overall coordination of the program in Regional Offices; hire and manage an Administrative Assistant for the General Manager in the Bangkok headquarters;
* Ensure effective management of relationships with the Code members (private sector and LCRs) including collecting membership and service fees, reporting to the Code Board and AGM and other administrative operations as necessary;
* Elaborate and maintain various databases (global list contacts, good-practices, research, reports, etc.);
* Lead the collection and research of qualitative and quantitative information and publications on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism and monitor trends and issues that impact on The Code's mission and goals,
with assistance from Code staff in Regional Offices;
* Recruit, supervise and retain staff as necessary to ensure the smooth operation of The Code work plans.

Profile and qualifications
* Post graduate degree in business (preferably from the services, tourism, or non-profit management fields) or in social sciences (preferably from human rights or children's rights fields);
* Excellent proficiency in English, including skills on nuanced, strategic and sensitive communications both verbal and written; other languages skills such as Spanish or French are preferred;
* Good proficiency in database management and the entire Windows Office Suite, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.;
* Strong fundraising skills including grant-writing, development of strategic relationships with donors, and willingness to cultivate institutional relationships with potential funding bodies;
* Demonstrated track record in strategy development and business planning;
* Results-oriented, self-starter able to manage independent projects as well as coordinate staff in multiple locations and liaise with Local Code Representatives in various countries in a culturally-sensitive manner;
* 5-10 years senior management experience, preferably at executive level;
* Well-developed business acumen, organizational development skills and strategic insight;
* Advocacy experience, ideally in human rights;
* Passionate with a high level of energy; and
* Good experience or understanding of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sectors, particularly in relation to resource mobilization.

Contract duration, benefits and recruitment process
* A six month probationary contract will be offered to the recruited candidate, to be extended to a fixed period of three years, pending a performance review carried out by the Code Board of Directors.
* Competitive and fair remuneration, as expected for international candidates in Bangkok, Thailand, including: salary ($5,728/month net of taxes), housing allowance, health insurance for self and dependents, education allowance, paid annual home leave, etc.
* A relocation package is available. The recruitment process is managed by a Nomination Committee appointed by the Code Board of Directors. To apply, candidates are invited to submit:
- Letter of Intent;
- Resume/Curriculum Vitae;
- Writing sample (original position paper, conference presentation, etc.).
* Applications should be submitted via email to: GMthecode@gmail.com to the attention of The Code Board of Directors. The closing date for applications is 5 August 2011. For more information contact Matthias Leisinger, Chairman of The Code;
* Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a telephone or personal interview. The Nomination Committee will then propose final candidates to the Board of Directors for decision of appointment.

The Board of Directors reserves the right not to make any appointments.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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