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Regional Program Director-Solidarity Center

Summary of Position: The Regional Program Director is a supervisory grade position at Level III of the Solidarity Center Management Wage Scale. This position is responsible for the overall programmatic and financial management of all regional offices activities including field programs within his/her region. S/he is a member of the Solidarity Center management team, and plays an institutional management role in addition to direct management of the regional office. Manages staff, programs, activities, documentation and budgets and is ultimately responsible for the overall performance of the regional office. The Regional Program Director supervises the field representatives and headquarters-based program officers and support staff in his/her region. In addition to directing the work of these staff, s/he is responsible for staff development and performance management. The Regional Program Director works closely with the Assistant Director in charge of the same region at the International Affairs Department, keeping the Assistant Director informed about issues, programs and priorities in the region and consulting with the Assistant Director on major programmatic and staffing decisions within the region.

The Regional Program Director coordinates with other departments of the AFL-CIO and related organizations through approved communications channels. Works in coalition with others in the non-governmental community to further policy and programmatic goals. Establishes and maintains regular contact with US government agencies, and donor agencies, and is responsible for developing a grant-funding strategy.

Works with senior management and staff to develop strategic vision for the region and establish programmatic priorities.

Basic Qualifications: The Regional Program Director must have a broad knowledge of national and international trade union, socio-economic and political issues, with particular expertise in the region for which s/he will be responsible. Must have a thorough knowledge of the U.S. trade union movement and its institutions and be familiar with AFL-CIO policies and positions. Must be able to relate to and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people. Must have supervisory/management experience. Familiarity with Federal grant-related policies and procedures is required. Excellent writing, editing and analytical skills are essential. Word processing and basic spreadsheet skills are required. A candidate for the position should have an academic background, preferably a master’s degree, in labor relations, political science or international affairs, or a minimum of 10 years equivalent work experience. Field experience with US or an international labor organization is an advantage. Fluency in a foreign language is a plus.

This position entails extensive travel to the field for supervisory program management and program development purposes. A medical condition that precludes the ability to travel regularly may disqualify a candidate from eligibility.

Supervisor: Executive Director

Specific Duties:
· Promote an atmosphere of cooperation, coordination and respect among staff at all levels and across departmental/regional lines;
· Promote gender equity and equality of opportunity for all staff;
· Know and follow Solidarity Center policies and procedures; ensure staff are aware of and comply with same;
· Attend Solidarity Center regular managers meetings and communicate with regional staff about new developments;
· Keep senior Solidarity Center management and AFL-CIO officers/staff informed of programs, issues and events in the region;
· Supervise headquarters-based program officers and support staff in Washington and field representatives in the region; articulate clear expectations, provide regular feedback, and hold staff accountable for their areas of responsibility;
· Provide direction, technical assistance and support for evaluation of field projects related to global field projects, and, where appropriate, recruiting outside evaluators;
· Recruit, train and mentor new staff;
· Hold regular staff meetings, including at least one monthly staff meeting with project accountants for the purpose of budget monitoring and general program information-sharing;
· Ensure the timely production of well-written proposals, reports, budgets and other program documentation for internal review prior to submission to donors;
· Coordinate the design, development and implementation of programs in the region;
· Promote programmatic cooperation with US and international labor organizations in accordance with communications guidelines;
· Form/participate in coalitions with other non-governmental organizations working toward shared programmatic objectives;
· Establish and maintain relationships with representatives of donor agencies, government departments and US missions abroad regarding regional responsibilities and programs;
· Develop comprehensive funding strategies for programs in the region; aggressively pursue new funding opportunities;
· Travel to countries within the region on a regular basis for supervisory, and program management, development, implementation and evaluation purposes;
· Consult and coordinate with Solidarity Center staff in other regions and offices;
· Represent the Solidarity Center and the AFL-CIO in meetings, seminars and conferences in the US and abroad;
· Assist in the production of Solidarity Center reports, proposals, educational materials and other publications;
· Perform other tasks as assigned.

The duration of this position, as with all positions at the Solidarity Center, is contingent upon continued grant funding.

If interested, please send cover letter and résumé to:

Lisa Humphries

Human Resources Officer

Solidarity Center

888 16th Street, N.W., Suite 400

Washington, D.C. 20006

E-mail: lhumphries@solidaritycenter.org
Fax: (202) 974-8266

The Solidarity Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Only finalist applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Closing date of application: When filled.

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