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Operational Integration Analyst-Washington, D.C.

Candidiate should have In-depth knowledge of CBRNE, EM, HD/DR/MSO and/or Current Operations; understand of NIMS/ICS and those elements relevant to the medical community (e.g.: HICS); have the ability to communication with senior-level management to include Flag Officers; possess basic understanding of Navy and Marine Corps organizational functions; Secret clearance required; Top Secret preferred.
Position Duties:
Responsible for ensuring the Medical Operations Center (MOC) is fully functional. The assigned personnel will execute the technical functions of the MOC, consistent with their manning, training and material resources, and will focus their efforts on the primary directive. Operating the Navy Medicine HQ MOC in a proficient, effective and efficient manner to ensure NIMS compliant EOC operations at the basic activation level, and assisting the MOC Director or Battle Watch Captain staffs with the operation of the MOC at any higher activation level, in response to a crisis or contingency. Responsible for planning, readiness and execution of assigned MOC functions during emergency operations. Supports and executes plans pertaining to NAVMED MTF response during activation. Maintains files for specific emergency plans, emergency information, reports, call in rosters and other information pertinent to the operation of the MOC. Prepares for execution of assigned duties during emergencies. May be required to serve as Crisis Action Team member exercises or emergencies. Coordinates information with all ECH 1-3 organizational elements. Initiates tasking/information to MOC Director. Performs initial review of information flowing in and out of the MOC. Performs operational checks on the automation and communication equipment in the MOC. Develop/Draft Standard Operating Procedures, Watchbills and other guidance/directives for the MOC. Assist the Navy Medicine lead on the Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (HD & DSCA) Working Group and Collaboration Cell addressing such topics as:

a. Strategic policy for health/medical HD & DSCA operations are in accordance with the National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy, National Military Strategy and applicable Presidential Directives;
b. Support long-term Departmental and interagency operationalization of the health/medical HD & DSCA missions;
c. Providing a forum for whole of government/community/nations communications and coordination to include NGOs;
Assist with the HQ oversight of the Hospital Command Center (HCC) program; Provide technical and administrative exp

ertise on items of Navy Medicine interest as they progress through the JCIDS process;
Work with Navy Medicine’s Office of Strategic Management to assist with shaping the enterprise with respect to several emerging mission areas (i.e.: MSO, HD & DSCA); Other duties as assigned to enable the Surgeon General/Deputy Surgeon General to execute Navy Medicine’s mission essential task.

Position Requirements:
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